Catching Up

I’ve been neglecting my blog, so it’s high time for a short update.

2016 was a busy year, with time taken up in travelling and researching (sometimes both at the same time), and of course writing.

I’ve been hearing from many readers regarding Daisy. Please rest assured that I’ve no intention of abandoning her as at the end of After The Roses. There’s much still to share of her life and that of other family members.

In the mean time, I’m thoroughly absorbed in my work in progress. This is quite a departure for me, as it’s my first non-fiction book, although the period (Victorian New Zealand) is certainly familiar. I’m finding it involving and challenging, and am looking forward to sharing it eventually.

But I will be returning to my beloved characters. They’re occasionally unruly, sometimes maddening, and never far from my thoughts.

New Zealand forest


  1. Now you REALLY have me excited. Fiction or non-fiction, I am ready for anything that you write. You are one of my top five favorite authors!


  2. I have just come across your work, I loved all of the books on Amy and her family. I hope that you have more to follow on Daisy and her journey to be a doctor, of course Eddie and the rest of the family also. I will look forward to the release of the next book in the series, I pray it will not be years from now.
    Thanks Tammy


    1. That’s lovely to hear, Tammy. I’m afraid it won’t be soon, but I hope not *too* many years away.


  3. I’ve read and re-read the promises to keep series as well as the spin off books about daisy, these are my go-to reads whenever I feel the need to escape. I always recommend this series to anyone asking for something new. Thank you for sharing their world with us and I look forward to hearing more about Daisy’s adventures in Auckland as well as what happens between her and Eddie.


    1. Thanks so much, Samantha, that’s lovely to hear. And thank you for recommending my books!


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