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Promises to Keep

Sentence of MarriageMud and GoldSettling the AccountA Second Chance

A tale from Victorian New Zealand.

Beginning in 1881, the four books of this series tell the story of farm girl Amy, from the age of 12 until her adulthood in the early 1900s.

While the characters and their stories are my own invention, the broader setting is the real New Zealand of the period, with actual, historical events; from major ones like the Tarawera eruption, the baby farming scandal and the extension of suffrage to women through to relatively local events such as the great Bay of Plenty floods of 1892.

The first book in the series, Sentence of Marriage, is available as a free download through most major outlets.

This site gives some extra background to the setting of the books. I’ve also included several chapters from an earlier version of Sentence of Marriage, giving a little more detail of the events in Amy’s life in the months before the book begins.

Sentence of Marriage: Trailer

The trailer for Sentence of Marriage featuring images from Shayne’s personal collection.


Daisys WarAfter the Roses

This series follows Amy’s grand-daughter, Daisy, as her family is caught up in the great events of the early 20th century, and as she pursues her own dreams. Daisy has ambitions beyond the expectations of those around her: she wants to become a doctor.

Daisy’s War covers the period when the Great War of 1914-1918 casts its shadow over the farming valley that is her home.

After the Roses opens soon after the war’s end, just as the influenza pandemic is about to strike New Zealand. Daisy’s ambition strengthens, even as she learns more of just how difficult its accomplishment will be.

Short stories (free)

All I WantFaithful Unto Death

All I want: In the wake of the Great War, a soldier and his bride turn a wasteland into a home. A tale of hope and sorrow; of loss and enduring love.
Faithful Unto Death: A “what-if” story, exploring what might have happened if events had taken a different course in Mud and Gold. Dark and uncomfortable. Note: major spoilers for Sentence of Marriage, and for Mud and Gold up to Chapter 24.

While I was researching for After the Roses, I came across a reference to a court case in 19th century Wellington, New Zealand; a scandal in its day, though all but forgotten since, and an example of truth being stranger than fiction. My current project is a non-fiction book on the events surrounding this case, and the more I discover, the more engrossing I’m finding the story.