world war one

The Great War Exhibition

visiting Wellington last month, we went to the very impressive Great War Exhibition at the old Dominion Museum. The exhibition takes the visitor on a chronological journey as well […]

ndred years ago, Britain declared war on Germany. As one of the British Dominions, New Zealand joined in that declaration, and at once offered its own troops. In those […]

hing we never use “kiwi” for is the fruit. To us it’s always “kiwifruit”, and it gives pause for thought whenever I hear someone talk of eating a kiwi!)“Kiwi” […]

Anzac Day

Day Among the food dishes named in honour of a battle is the Anzac biscuit. It originated in the biscuits sent to overseas troops during the Great War; biscuits […]

"Daisy's War" is here

17;s sometimes disconcerting just how clearly characters can make their feelings known (as the mere author, I’m frequently not in charge), and Amy has made it very clear that she […]

Coming Soon: Daisy's War

4, Daisy lives in the quiet New Zealand valley where her family has farmed for generations. A cherished only child with an adored older cousin, and surrounded by a […]

the accounts of human suffering I’ve come across while researching my current work-in-progress, I stumbled upon something rather different: this tale of a faithful dog. From the Bay of […]

Passchendaele remembered

ly I’ve been reading Glyn Harper’s superb account of the New Zealand experience of Passchendaele. I’ve written here before about the Battle of Passchendaele and its horrific toll on New […]